Concrete Paving

image 6For ruggedness, uniform load distribution, and long-term durability, nothing beats concrete. It’s made to stand up to the punishing weight of trucks and heavy equipment for the long haul.

 Concrete is the smart choice for today’s environment, and concrete will last up to 30 years if properly placed and maintained.  Concrete is designed to evenly carry heavy loads (trucks, boats, etc.) and is resistant to oils and other petroleum based products. Its light color and ability to take color make it an aesthetic addition to your property.

 We have the next-generation equipment and extensive experience with local paving conditions to optimize the grading and drainage of your worksite and install a base layer that will maximize your pavement’s lifespan and performance.

 You can count on our up-to-the-minute knowledge and cutting-edge concrete technologies for on-time delivery of a finished product that exceeds your expectations. When you add our customer-centric attitude and affordable pricing to mix, the case for hiring Poole Paving is as solid as concrete.

 We provide top-quality concrete service for both residential and commercial scale projects. With over 10 years of experience, we are experts in applying unique solutions to unique problems, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

 Service Provided:

  • Commercial and Residential
  • Parking Lots, Driveways and Roads
  • Paving, Sealing and Resurfacing
  • Patching/Striping /Concrete
  • Grading/Crack Filling/Excavating
  • Sealing/Chip-N-Seal/Widening Driveways

 Concrete paving is becoming more and more popular. Concrete pavement offers long-lasting durability and requires less maintenance than asphalt pavement. Concrete is less susceptible to damage than asphalt, making the infamous “pot hole” a thing of the past.

 Concrete also offers better and longer lasting skid resistance than asphalt, and is typically less slippery than asphalt in wet conditions, making it an all around safer product.


Our courteous crew welcomes any questions you have regarding the best solutions for your paving project. Contact us at (480) 435-9731